X5 5-25X56 P RIFLE SCOPE - 1/8 MOA


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Tube Diameter



5-25 x

Objective lens diameter

56 mm

No. reticles available






Exit pupil diameter

9.5-2.3 mm

Field of view

7-1.5 m/100m

Twilight Performance


Max. elevation/windage adjustment range

2.4-1.5 m/100m

Parallax correction


Dioptric compensation (dpt)

-3 to +2

Illuminated reticle



14.8 in


850 g


Swarovski X5 5-25x56 P Rifle Scope 1/8 MOA. The precise 1/8 MOA impact point adjustment, combined with the fine PLEX reticle, allows you to hit every target accurately, even at the maximum distance.

The right estimate, a smart decision, and a clean shot. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shooting over long distances or honing your shooting skills, you always need to have the right equipment by your side. The X5(i) from SWAROVSKI OPTIK redefines accuracy. Its new spring retention system and turrets are part of the total package promoting accuracy and offering you across the entire adjustment range an accurate impact point adjustment of 1/4 or 1/8 MOA in terms of both elevation and windage (X5/X5i 5-25x56 P), even in the most extreme situations. To help you hit close targets accurately, you can use the SUBZERO function to go below the sight-in distance. Thanks to its outstanding optical performance, this rifle scope is the ultimate expert at long-range shooting.

Available Reticles:

reticle plex

Uncompromising Precision

The X5 redefines accuracy. Using the turrets and the spring retention system, you can adjust the impact point exactly.

Spring Retention System

The new spring retention system enables the X5 rifle scope to reach a higher adjustment range of up to 116 MOA. The role of the return lever is to ensure constant pressure in each position of the inversion system. This innovation from Swarovski Optik is part of the total package guaranteeing maximum precision - a unique system based on absolute perfection.


Thanks to its exceptional ruggedness, the X5's repeatable precision is impressive, even in the most extreme situations.

Easy Handling

The intuitive operating features give you the confidence to make the shot at the moment of truth.

Top Turret

  • Subzero Function: Special situations require special innovations. The SUBZERO function allows you to go below the sight-in distance so that you can take accurate shots at close targets. This function ensures that you are perfectly equipped for any distance.
  • Sight-In DistanceBy reaching a stop at the zero position, you can easily reset the device to the sight-in distance at any time, even in poor light conditions.
  • Rotation Indicator: You can easily see through the viewing window on the turret in which rotation it is, enabling you to apply the correct setting in a matter of seconds, even in extreme conditions.

Side Turret

By turning the side turret clockwise or counterclockwise, you can adjust the X5 to suit the prevailing wind conditions.

Parallax Turret

The parallax turret enables you to adjust the parallax perfectly so that the target is observed through the rifle scope and the reticle are located in the same plane.


The magnification indicator ring allows you to easily read the set magnification from any shooting position.


As a rifle scope designed to meet the highest requirements, the X5 offers maximum optical performance across the whole magnification range. Its large field of view facilitates rapid target acquisition over long distances. The high image quality and high contrast reticle allow you to make out every detail.


Parallax describes those errors that arise with long or short range shots when the rifle scope is not viewed through the centre. There is an offset between the target and the reticle. This only occurs when the eye is positioned outside the optical axis, eg. when looking at an angle into the eyepiece.