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The Värmland trousers are hardwearing, waterproof hunting trousers made from G-1000 Eco in recycled polyester and organic cotton. The hydratic lining keeps rain out but still allows moisture to ventilate out. A durable and versatile hunting garment that is just as comfortable during long hours of sitting still as it is for active stalking.

The cut is technical but generous at the same time, so there is plenty of room for insulating layers underneath. Reinforced suspender zones at the waist make for secure attachment of suspenders. There are two spacious leg pockets, the right-hand one with an extra knife/axe pocket, plus hand pockets and back pockets. Ventilation zippers from the hips to the knees and along the calves release excess heat, the latter also make putting on/taking off easier. Pre-shaped knees with openings for kneepads (an accessory) for extra warmth and comfort when kneeling.

Price - £265.00